Is it worthwhile ordering a desktop RCA?

Desktop RCA Calculator

Our unique calculator tells you if you’re better off commissioning a full inspection RCA rather than a desktop RCA.

Usage instructions

Our RCA calculator’s formula works on the information that you put into it. Your insurance ‘rate’ is derived from the values you enter based upon your last declared value and your last premium.

The bias control surrounding the ‘mark-up’ or ‘contingency’ inherent in a ‘desktop RCA’ is determined by the percentage value you put in the percentage value field. We would suggest based upon our own experience that this should be somewhere around the 20% level, but you can edit it on the slider to a higher percentage (up to 30%) or lower based upon your personal view on desktop RCA largesse. You can even slide down to ‘1%’ if you wish. All figures entered should include VAT or IPT (insurance premium tax) as applicable.

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RCA Calculator

Desktop RCA Calculator v2

Positive Result


A desktop RCA appears to be your best bet!

Negative Result


According to the figures you have entered, you are better off asking for a physical inspection rather than a ‘desktop’. Let’s chat.

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