Merryfield Park, Flats and Houses

This is a 2003 estate of houses and 9 blocks of flats for which EK RCA was asked to establish up to date insurance reinstatement values over the summer of 2021.

Sheridan Way, Merryfield Park Nottingham

An active residents’ association, stretched funding and recent increases to insurance premiums set the scene for an environment where every aspect of our report would be scrutinised in detail.

EK RCA produced detailed annotated plans of each block and a reasoned elemental analysis, and formulated lean but accurate declared values on all the blocks with a full breakdown of external paved and tarmacadam areas to identify the individual reinstatement values for each block as well
as an overall value for the whole insured estate.

This put our client in a fully informed position and enabled them to go out to the insurance market with confidence over their liabilities.



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